Category: Projector Repair Service

Projector Power Board

Free diagnostics and fixed repair fee for all digital  projector repair. Major issues that result in booting problems Projector fan failure Projector Colour Wheel failure Spent projector Lamps Damaged projector lamp driver [ Ballast] Damaged projector main board. Damaged projector power supply Faulty Auto-Iris Projectors may sometimes fail to boot. A projector may boot but […]

Projector Colour Wheel

ONE DMD CHIP & 3 DMD CHIPS PROJECTOR COLOUR WHEELS REPAIR   Projector colour wheel issues repair in Hyderabad; Flickering image due to bad projector colour wheel. Broken projector colour wheel segment(s) Dust and soot encrusted projector colour wheels resulting in faded or spotty images. DLP, LCOS and LED projectors are equipped with color wheels. […]

Projector White Dots

Projector White Dots repair in Hyderabad Telangana All Digital Projectors Make and Models. No fix – no fee. White dots on projector screen repair Vertical lines on projector screen Horizontal lines on projector screen Projector technologies are getting better. The images are becoming brighter, the colours more brilliant. Be it for corporate presentations, teaching tool, […]

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