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Projector technologies are getting better. The images are becoming brighter, the colours more brilliant. Be it for corporate presentations, teaching tool, home entertainment, and religious events etc, the different technologies behind the making of these machines ensure that there will always be a perfect match for the situation.Projector White Dots

DLP projectors, [projectors that use DMD chips] are popular because they produce clear and crisp images even in the low end range. However, there is a downside. The DMD chips are highly sensitive to heat.

When the air vents and filters of the projectors are clogged up for an extended length of time, the chip will start to develop  dead pixels dues to the accumulated. Dead pixels mean the micromirrors that make up the array on the DMD chips are failing. This event is irreversible.

To fix an affected projector, the DMD chip has to be replaced. This is where we come in. If you are experiencing this issue, let us help you. The machine will be good for another 4/5 years of operation after our intervention.

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