Projector Power Board

Free diagnostics and fixed repair fee for all digital  projector repair.

Projector Power BoardsMajor issues that result in booting problems

  • Projector fan failure

  • Projector Colour Wheel failure

  • Spent projector Lamps

  • Damaged projector lamp driver [ Ballast]

  • Damaged projector main board.

  • Damaged projector power supply

  • Faulty Auto-Iris

Projectors may sometimes fail to boot. A projector may boot but fail to ignite the lamp. Also it may boot, work briefly, power down, and then reboot in a loop. Status led may indicate lamp error or fan failure.All these are due to the failures listed above.

Also, projectors lamps generate a lot of heat. When dust and soot accumulate on fans, colour wheels, air intake and exhaust ducts, Etc. This inevitably will result in the failure of important components in the projector.

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