Common Issues With The Optoma Projectors

Common Issues With The Optoma Projectors

Common Issues With The Optoma Projectors

It can be incredibly annoying if you face issues in the projector while displaying something important. But to troubleshoot the issues, it is necessary to know where exactly the problem lies and what to do. Before that, take a look at some of the most prominent issues which the users often encounter from time to time:

Distorted images are seen from the projectors:

This occurs due to a problem with the projector cables. If the problem does not lie with the cables, then the issue might be with the main board or the color wheel.

Your projector overheats:

Common Issues With The Optoma Projectors Hyderabad

This is quite a distinctive problem which is caused due to an issue with the fan. If you find that there is no noise coming from the fan of the projector, that means the fan is not working and thus, it results in the overheating of the projector. Another reason behind the overheating problem is that you have left your projector in very bright sunlight.

Shadows are appearing on the image of the projectors:

This problem might be due to the projector’s faulty main board. The reason can also be due to some problem in the mirror.

  • The inputs on the projectors are not working
  • Broken lamp door switch
  • Dull image being produced
  • The projector is turned on, but no image can be seen
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