Advantages Of DLP

Advantages Of DLP


Advantages Of DLP


Because the “pixels” (mirrors) are so close together, there is less of a “chicken wire” effect.

Image Appear Softer And Smoother


Advantages Of DLP Hyderabad


The “chicken wire” is a phenomenon by which the grid-like structure of the panel on LCD projectors is visible on the projected image. On DLP projector this effect is greatly reduced making the image appear softer and smoother. This is more noticeable in video applications.

DLP projectors achieve higher contrast ratios.

DLP projectors tend to be quieter

Advantages Of DLP Hyderabad Secunderabad


DLP projectors tend to be smaller and lighter than their LCD counterparts because the system only requires one panel instead of three.

Because they have sealed optics, DLP projectors are ideal for dusty or smoky environments such as clubs.

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